Monday, January 16, 2012

Gossip Girl Returns!

     Who's excited for tonight??! Me, me, me!! Here's why: Gossip Girl returns with new episodes in just over 30 minutes from now!! Finally, after waiting over a month, we'll learn if Chuck Bass is dead or in a coma (but there's no way the producers can kill him off, right?!), if there is a wedding for Louis and Blair, what Louis will do when he finds about about Chuck and Blair, what's going on with the Insider and the movie for Dan, and so much more it'll take me a hour to write about it.  I saw in People magazine a picture of Blair in a wedding gown in the streets of NYC and pictures online, which means there has to be some sort of wedding for Louis and Blair.  But if Blair picked Chuck, why is there still a wedding?  My guess is that Chuck will stop the wedding or Blair will run out halfway through and find Chuck, either still in a coma or alive.  And don't forget all the pretty clothes and trends that Serena, Blair, and all the other characters will be wearing. Don't you wish you had their wardrobe?
     Speaking of tv shows, anyone a fan of Pretty Little Liars? 2 weeks ago, it returned and this season we'll FINALLY figure out who A is!!! I heard on an "Interview With A" that A has been seen a lot throughout the seasons.  So far, I think A is a group of people because there's no way 1 person can know absolutely everything.  That's nearly impossible, right? The actually "A" person we've been seeing has been a guy, from the looks of his body it has to be a man.  I think people helping A are Jenna, Garrett, Jason, Ian before he died, Lucas, and Mona.  They all seem suspicious. Time will tell who A is. Mondays are now the best day for TV with both Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars on!!
     Keep checking back for new posts!! I have some fashion and beauty ideas, including reviews, inspiration, celeb fashion to get the look for less, and many other ideas!! Excitinggg!!!


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    1. Hi! Thank you! That's so sweet and means a lot to me! Definitely, we should follow each other! :) I'll follow your blog right now!