Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lulu's-New Favorite Spot

Heard of It's my new favorite website!!! After hearing about it so much, I decided to check it out and absolutely love it.  Lulu's selection of clothes and accessories is very trendy, with some girly, edgy, and boho styles mixed in.  Anyone can find something there.  It's reasonably priced, you won't find a graphic t-shirt there priced at $300 and $35 for 10-day shipping.  Lulu's has a wide range of merchandise, from casual skirts to jeans to party dresses to ballet flats to almost anything.  The only downside is that Lulu's is entire an online store, so you have to use your credit card online and can't try on any clothes.  My christmas list has several things on it from this store. It is definitely worth it to take a quick look at this website. 

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