Monday, September 26, 2011

Gossip Girl Season Premiere!

Who's excited for the Gossip Girl Season Premiere on tonight?!! I know I am!  I cannot wait to see what happens on this episode!! I heard on a website that one of the characters is pregnant, but who knows who it is? It could be Lilly or some little side character we completely forgot about.  And what's going on with Blair and the prince?  And what's this about it being in LA? The Gossip Girls have relocated from New York City?  A season without the Upper East Side??!! Could Little J come back?  And Serena's in a movie?  What else is going on? 
I was so excited for premiere today I wore my Team Serena t-shirt.  Always support Gossip Girl.  It's hard to believe it's on the 5th season already.  I totally feel like having a Gossip Girl marathon and watching seasons 1-4 all over again.  So much happens so quickly.  
Don't forget to watch! It's on at a new time, 8:00 now on Mondays. 

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