Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ballroom Dancing

Aloha Everyone!!
Life has been soooo busy the past 2 months with school, college apps, clubs, friends, and everything else . I'm so happy to finally have a little bit of free time to update Stilettos & Sparkles!!! Yesterday my good friend and I went to a ballroom dancing competition.  Watching all the professionals and dancers dance was so much fun, I really wish I could dance like that! The outfits were also gorgeous-very stylish and sparkly.  There were all these vendors selling ballroom shoes, dresses, jewelry outside the dance floor and it was so much fun to look at all the dresses covered in Swavoraski crystals and patterns, with designs and ruffles all over. All the dresses were about $4,000 or more, but they were totally worth the price. There were tables and tables cover in jewelry, cuffs made entirely of jewels, pretty hair pieces that sparkled, huge statement necklaces in every single color of the rainbow.  Everything was so colorful and sparkled.  It was amazing to go and I want to learn to dance like that and wear all the outfits.  Haha, going on Dancing With The Stars would be amazing!!!!!

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