Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Has Arrived!!

Hey Dolls!!
It's SUMMER TIME!!  Can you believe it?? This year flew by so quickly, it seems like yesterday I was auditioning for dance or going on the school bonding trip.  I am so happy to have all these good memories from senior year, but it's unreal that high school is completely over.  There are just so many memories: the big dance performance, the master class with Will from So You Think You Can Dance, Fall Ball, Winter Formal, Prom, coffee houses, everyone's birthday celebrations, New York City, Hessler street fair, senior week, the list just goes on and on.  But it's also the little things I'm going to miss, such as the conversation over lunch, the witty and sarcastic comments from my friends, and the hanging out on the couches in school.  I found this one quote that fits this perfectly "Don't cry because it came to an end, smile because it happened!"  So basically it's time to cherish all the high school memories, smile and remember them, and be happy that you have them.
So now that it is summer, and I have no more tests to study for or events to fundraise for, I can now post more frequently.  I'm hoping to also get back into filming videos for youtube.  It does take up a lot of time, but now I have plenty of time!  I have some hauls I want to film and other ideas.  Also, I'll be updating my photo gallery page on this blog "Ready for Those Flashing Lights" so be sure to check it out.
Since there's the entire stretch of summer left, it's time to share with you some of my summer goals.  I want this summer to be the best summer yet, full of fun stuff to do, and to make it unforgettable.  No one wants a boring summer at home, so I want to fill my calendar with fun things to get out of the house.

  • Get Tan: Who doesn't want a sun-kissed, bronze glow??!! 
  • Document Everything: Time to take my camera around with me and take photos to remember this summer!
  • Keep In Touch With High School Friends: Even though we're destined for college at the end of this summer and we're spread out all across the map, we've been friends for years and it's time to keep in touch through calls, texts, and Facebook.
  • Closet Clean-Out: Time to get rid of all the clothes and shoes I haven't worn in awhile and go shopping for a wardrobe that I'll love for college.
  • Practice Dancing: After dancing twice a week for the past two years and putting on 4 performances, I definitely don't want to lose what I've worked for!  This means taking Zumba and ballet classes at my gym, taking salsa dancing, doing dance DVDS, and stretching everyday of course!
  • Save & Earn Money: Yes, college will be expensive so time to use this summer time to earn money and save it.  Cut out those little expenses that add up and be wiser about spending.
  • Create a photo album about my favorite memories from high school and bring it to my dorm room. 
  • Workout!! Maintain that healthy shape! 

One last important thing-travel!! Everyone travels in summer, whether it's a big trip to tour Europe or a day trip to the beach, don't forget about traveling.  It's fun to get out of the hometown for a bit and explore some place new.  I just came back from New York City last week, which was fun and exciting, and next week I'll be heading off to Los Angeles!!!!  So everyone, comment below with 1 summer goal of yours and/or 1 place you'll be traveling to!


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    1. Hi Lucia!
      Fabulous idea! I definitely think we should follow each other. I will follow you right now! I'm working on getting my blog more known so this is great, let anyone else you know about my blog and I will do the same! :)