Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That's Where I Want To Be

Tomorrow morning I will be heading off to.....LOS ANGELES!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?!?!)  I can't wait to be back in LA.  However, I'm currently facing 2 problems: First, I have to pack for 5 days in 1 carry-on.  Being an over-packer definitely is making this a challenge. Second, I lost my camera.
So tonight I will be running around the house and Target, picking up any last minute items for my trip.  I need to make sure nothing is over 3 ounces, because if the airport takes away anything of mine, I will not be happy.  Keep reading for some tips in packing.  First, roll your clothes.  They take up a lot less space rolled then when they are folded.  Second, pack your big shoes first, like your heels, wedges, or boots and don't place them next to each other.  Also, buy minis of everything-from hairspray to toothpaste.  You really don't need an entire, full size for your trip.  But the best tip I can give you is plan out each outfit, right down to the last detail.  If everything is planned out you won't end up bringing anything extra.  This always helps me out.  Don't forget to leave a little extra space for the shopping on your trip!!
As for my lost camera, all what I can do is look everywhere in my house for it.  If I don't have it with me, I'll just accept that, however disappointing it is.  But in just hours, I will be in LA!! :)

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