Monday, June 27, 2011


"Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins."  -Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has such fun quotes, such as this glitter quote.  I'm thinking of making a section of this blog for just celebrity quotes. Believe it or not, celebrities have the best quotes,whether they're super inspiring, just fun to read, funny,or whatever.  
Paris Hilton has such a glamorous life and that's why she calls herself a glamorous heiress.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Too Faced

 ♥ Too Faced makeup so much.  I love the makeup colors, quality, the cute packaging, and that it doesn't test on animals.  This is the amazing Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye palette.  By saying this is amazing, that would be an understatement.  This palette has 10 different colors, most of them with a gorgeous shimmer and a few matte, and for only $35 at Sephora, this was an ideal investment.  All the colors can be worn together and for those who are beginners at makeup, it comes with a double-sided eyeshadow brush and cards with diagrams and instructions on how to do different looks.  
After wanting this palette since September, I finally bought it in New York City 3 weeks ago and have literally been using it everyday since I bought it.  One of my favorite things is that I can wear it during the day but when it still will look good and fancy enough for when I go out at night or go to a party.  
I'll be filming a tutorial on this palette and how I do my everyday eye makeup on my YouTube Channel so check it soon and don't forget to subscribe & follow me!  :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps-NYC

Anyone who's ever known me knows that I always wanted to go to New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world.  Basically, everyone tells me I'm such a California/LA girl because it's beaches and cities, and NYC is every fashionista's dream to visit.  This year I got to go as part of a school trip with 3 of my friends and it was amazing!!!  The shopping is fabulous, the city is so much fun, Time Square looks exactly like it does in all the TV shows and movies, it's hard to write about everything.  I'll focus on the shopping and fashion aspect of NYC.  (Note: In this picture above, we're on Fashion Avenue at the Designer Sidewalk!)
I noticed that everyone was either dressed very pulled together with high waisted skirts and tops, big sunglasses, and either an oversized bag or an across-the-shoulder bag with flats or heels.  If New Yorkers were not wearing this, they had no sense of fashion at all and were wearing baggy t-shirts and sweats or bad-fitting jeans.  I didn't notice much middle ground, either you were completely pulled together or you honestly didn't care about your outfit.
The shopping was amazing, but that's no surprise.  Everyone knows how fabulous the shopping is in NYC.  All of the parts of Manhattan each had really good shopping although they were totally different.  The Upper East Side had 5th Avenue which was filled with the high end designer stores, Chinatown had tons of cheap jewelry and purses and t-shirts, SoHo had cute little boutiques like Dash (the Kardashian store), Greenwich Village had Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture along with very original little boutiques.  The Garment/Fashion District had more stores about making and designing your own clothes, such as Mood Fabrics from Project Runway.  Let's just say because I'm a shopaholic, of course I went shopping a ton in NYC.  I'll show the favorite things I bought in a haul video on my You Tube channel PinkDiamondGoddess, so don't forget to check that out!!
P.S. Expect more posts about NYC soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Even Supermodels Love A Sale

Everyone loves a sale, even supermodels.  Tuesday was the first shopping day I had this summer.  One of my best friends, Natalie, invited me to go shopping with her and her two sisters.  She only mentioned that we were going to Plato's Closet and nowhere else, so I brought very little money.  This was only my second time going to Plato's Closet.  They have a bunch of brand name, good quality clothes for pretty cheap so it's easy to find good stuff.  My friend found this adorable lilac BeBe dress with ruffles-it was adorable and I'm totally going to have to borrow it.  I just bought a black sequined high-waisted skirt and a strapless turquoise sundress.  After my major spring cleaning in March, I had two huge bags full of good clothes, that included Juicy Couture hoodies and tees, Burberry polos, American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Hollister t-shirts, tops, dresses, and some jeans.  I was seriously hoping that Plato's Closet would buy the clothes from me, but they offered my $17.50 for everything.  I was just thinking "Hell to the no, 1 Juicy Couture was $100, there's no way I'm selling this all for $17.50." So I told them no, I wouldn't give it to them for that little amount.  Now I'm thinking of starting an ebay account and selling all the clothes off there, anyone interested? message me if you are :) 
Next, we quickly stopped at a new fro-yo place which was so cute and yummy.  I got  strawberry and cake batter flavors with chocolate chips. Mmmmm, delicious.  
Then, we hit the mall and saw that the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale had started.  I love shopping at VS and I love their huge sale.  Of course, I had no idea we were going to the mall so the very few dollars I brought, I already spent.  There was a sale going on at H&M, VS, Bath and Body Works, and Arden B.  We spent so much time there that we didn't have time to go anywhere else.  Anyway, since I love VS, I came back later that day with money and bought a new bikini, 3 new scents, a highlighter/illuminator, a t-shirt, and a few other things. The bikini top is pink with ruffles and little black hearts and the bottom is just a plain pink.  The 3 body sprays smell amazing, I got the scents Juiced Berry, Pure Seduction, and Candy, Baby.  The t-shirt was just a hot pink v-neck, perfect for the lazy summer days to throw on with a pair of jean shorts and a few bracelets.  I have not tried the highlighter yet, but I will soon!  
Most of the stuff that was on sale at VS were sweatpants and some sweatshirts, but I passed on those because I'm not a sweats person. I'd much rather were jeans or a tank top or a dress than look like a bum in sweatpants all day.  
Wish I could've made it to more sales and stores, but I only had a little bit of time.  I'll do a haul video on my YouTube channel, which is pinkdiamondgoddess, so subscribe and check soon for the video!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Season Premiere of Pretty Little Liars on tonight!!! I am so excited, I can't wait to find out what happened to Ian at the end of last season.  And will Toby and Spencer get together? Was Mona harming or helping Hanna when she tore up Caleb's love letter? Will someone find out about Mr. Fitz/Ezra and Aria?  And sooo many more secrets to figure out!  We've all been waiting a long time since winter to find out what happened and tonight we'll finally get some more clues!  The season finale was so suspenseful and so much stuff happened, it was hard to believe.  This season has to be just as good but hopefully will answer more questions.  Can't wait to see it!  
Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
    -Coco Chanel

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Beginning

Hey Girly Girls!
Welcome to Stilettos and Sparkles, my new blog! I'm super excited to make this blog because I used to have one with Pop Sugar but it was so hard to figure out how to work and make it do anything so I could barely update it.  Now I'm so excited for this blog!!  Since summer is finally here and today is my first day of summer, I'm reading to start blogging!
Junior year was my favorite year of high school and I meant to blog so much about it and post a bunch of pictures, but I never got around to it although I feel like I should.  So if I start blogging about the Halloween dance or whatever, that's why :) It was an amazing year and I'm going to remember it forever.
(Just a few random facts)
My name is Serena
I'm 17 and will be a senior in high school
I'm addicted to shopping and love fashion
I'm a dancer, I love modern dancing
I wish I could be on Dancing with the Stars and dance to all the Latin Dances like the ChaCha and Somba
My closet is organized by color
I have my own YouTube Channel-pinkdiamondgoddess so be sure to check it out!
I'm a complete California girl, but I love the fast pace life of New York City and Los Angeles
Friends are super important to me
I love summer and hate the cold weather

I want to make this blog about style and fashion, like my old blog and my YT channel but I also want to add in more parts about my life and stuff, if that makes sense :)
Don't forget to add me as a friend, comment, and follow!

Dance Dance Like It's The Last Last Night of Your Life

There's no way to have this blog and not mention dancing. I absolutely love to dance. This picture is from May, when my school dance team performed Turn It Up by Ciara and Usher.  We practiced sooo hard and the performance went really good.  It was so much fun.  Our little outfits were cute, I made the t-shirts, which were actually a bit harder than it looks.  I love this picture, with our matching t-shirts, jeans, black shoes, and our toes pointed. Dancing is just so much fun.
School dances are so much fun too and one of the best parts of high school.  The decorations are always so cool, getting ready is a blast, and hanging out with friends and dancing the night away makes it a blast. Although prom was cancelled this year :( dances are still so much fun.  Getting ready for dances is half the fun, of course, I'm a complete girly girl so I love picking out the perfect dress, trying out new eyeshadow colors and styling my hair, but the dance is just as fun.  The lights flashing, the music blaring, and just dancing and dancing and having fun. :) The songs the DJs always playing are so upbeat and fun and they never repeat a song the entire night, unlike the radio which has about 4 songs on constant replay!

"Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing.
It's the rhythm of your life.
It's the expression in time and movement,
in happiness, joy, sadness and envy."

- Jaques D'ambroise