Monday, June 13, 2011

The Beginning

Hey Girly Girls!
Welcome to Stilettos and Sparkles, my new blog! I'm super excited to make this blog because I used to have one with Pop Sugar but it was so hard to figure out how to work and make it do anything so I could barely update it.  Now I'm so excited for this blog!!  Since summer is finally here and today is my first day of summer, I'm reading to start blogging!
Junior year was my favorite year of high school and I meant to blog so much about it and post a bunch of pictures, but I never got around to it although I feel like I should.  So if I start blogging about the Halloween dance or whatever, that's why :) It was an amazing year and I'm going to remember it forever.
(Just a few random facts)
My name is Serena
I'm 17 and will be a senior in high school
I'm addicted to shopping and love fashion
I'm a dancer, I love modern dancing
I wish I could be on Dancing with the Stars and dance to all the Latin Dances like the ChaCha and Somba
My closet is organized by color
I have my own YouTube Channel-pinkdiamondgoddess so be sure to check it out!
I'm a complete California girl, but I love the fast pace life of New York City and Los Angeles
Friends are super important to me
I love summer and hate the cold weather

I want to make this blog about style and fashion, like my old blog and my YT channel but I also want to add in more parts about my life and stuff, if that makes sense :)
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